Veggie Seed Starting: In this class you'll learn the basics about vegetable gardening including which plants to grow in the sun or shade, the differences between determinant and indeterminant,  hybrid and GMO, and annual and perennial. You'll learn to make recycled paper pots and plant up your first 12 pots to get your garden started. Class fee is $25 and includes paper pots and 36 seeds. SOLD OUT

Miniature Gardening: Take a moment to use your imagination and create a tiny world with  plants for your fairy friends!  You will get the chance to create a container garden designed to resemble a miniature world!  We'll cover layering techniques to provide proper drainage and how to group plants with similar water needs. This class includes instruction, soil and soil additives and top dressing. Container, plants and miniature accessories are available for purchase. Class fee is $20. SOLD OUT

Parent and Me Easter Basket Garden: You and your child are invited to come in and use your imaginations to create your very own fairy garden!  This unique garden creates a whole new world full of plants and fun for you and your child’s imagination. Class includes a planter, 3 plants, top dressing and 1 fairy garden accessory.  Additional accessories are available for purchase. Class fee is $20. Sunday April 13

Terracotta Herb Garden: In this class you will plant a tiered terracotta herb garden.  A variety of plants will be available and we'll discuss which herbs grow well together.  We will also cover pruning of herbs, harvesting and storing. Class includes 3 terracotta pots, 4 plants and soil. Class fee is $45. Sunday April 27

Container Gardening with Veggies: In this class you'll learn how veggies can be grown in small spaces by using containers. We'll discuss growth habits of different vegetables, hybridized vegetables for smaller containers, watering needs, and sun requirements. Class includes 2 terracotta pots, 2 plants and soil. Class fee is $45. Sunday May 18

Hypertufa Moss Garden: Hypertufa is a great medium that is used to create rock-like containers.  It is lightweight and fun to make.  This is a 2 part class.  At the first class, we will make the hypertufa containers.  After they cure, which takes approximately 4 weeks, we will come back and plant in your moss garden.  Class fee is $45 which covers both workshops and all materials. Sunday July 20 and Sunday Aug 10

Recycled Tin Can Garden Art:
Do your part to help save the planet by turning recycled items into fabulous garden art. You will create a tin can man and his little dog using cans, and other cast off pieces of metal. Class fee is $45 and includes all materials needed for both projects. Sunday June 8

Vertical Gardening Planter: Join us in planting your very own vertical gardening planter with succulents. Each planter is handmade using recycled fence wood and you will have a choice of planting wither a heart, a star or a cross. Class fee is $65 and includes planter, soil, 12 plants and moss. Sunday June 22

 Please call 916-682-6839 to check class availability. You can pay by phone or online.