Answers to Common Fountain Questions and Concerns...

Q - My fountain is losing water, is that normal?

A - Fountains make their beautiful sound by water movement and subsequent splashing. Some water is bound to splash out during this process, so the longer you run your fountain, the more water you will need to add. Evaporation can also lead to water loss, so during the hottest days of the year, you will need to add more water.


Q - How can I tell if my fountain is leaking?

A - Fill your fountain and mark, or just note, where the water level is. DO NOT run your fountain for the next 24 hours. This will eliminate the "splashing" variable. After 24 hours note the level of water. If it has dropped more than an inch, you'll want to investigate further.


Q - What would cause my fountain to leak?

A - There are several different asnswers to this one so I need to ask you some questions first. Have you or your gardener done anything different to the fountain recently? Did someone recently clean the pump? Did someone attach a drip line? We've seen drip lines installed incorrectly and as a result actually syphon all the water out of the fountain. And sometimes when the pump is being cleaned, the seal around the pump cord is accidently disturbed resulting in a leak. Check to see if the ground is wet under and around the fountain. Following the trail of water can often lead to the problem.


Q - How do I fix the fountain that's leaking from where the pump cord passes through the concrete?

A - You need to reseal the plug. Drain the water and be sure the area is completely dry. You can use a silicone product and wait for that to dry, or you can use our fountain putty and add water back in immediately.


Q - How do I repair a cracked fountain that's causing the fountain to leak?

A - First try silicon. Sometimes, like a cavity, the crack actually has to be deepened so enough silicon can be inserted to seal the crack. There are also latex based products on the market that can be applied like a paint on the inside surface of the fountain. We've used Drylok Masonry Waterproofer with success. If repair doesn't work, we can help you replace the cracked bowl.


Q - Why is my fountain not pushing as much water as before?

A - Check to see if there is debris blocking the water's path through the pump. Sometimes it's as easy as wiping away a leaf or dog hair. If that doesn't clear it, the pump can be opened and checked internally to see if there is debris blocking the impeller. Finally, sometimes the impeller becomes damaged and will not spin at the same velocity it did when new. Some pumps can accept a replacement impeller, and some pumps need to be completely replaced. It depends on the brand and model.


Q - How do I replace a pump that is damaged?

A - The fountain will need to be disassembled to remove the pump. A new pump is then installed using fountain putty to reseal the cord opening. It's a good time to check the integrity of your plug and tubing as well. These are low cost items and you've got the fountain disassembled already. For the same reason, if you haven't had lights in your fountain before, this is the time to revisit that decision. Illuminating the fountain at night with submersible lighting is a fabulous feature and the time to do it is when you have the fountain all taken apart. The Secret Garden sells quality pumps, submersible lights, tubing, and fountain putty.


Q - How do I keep the fountain water clean?

A - We recommend using a NON-bleach, NON-chlorine algaecide. Our preferred brand is Fountec and is a weekly application. The amount is based on how many gallons of water your fountain holds. Apply it weekly, adjusting strength depending on temperature of the water, and you'll have clean clear water and no mosquito larvae.


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